DIY Pumpkin Candy Dish: Make A Pumpkin Candy Dispenser For Halloween

DIY Pumpkin Candy Dish: Make A Pumpkin Candy Dispenser For Halloween

By: Susan Albert, Freelance Garden Writer

Halloween 2020 may look vastly different from previous years. As the pandemic continues, this oh-so-social holiday may be trimmed down to family get togethers, outdoor scavenger hunts, and virtual costume contests. Many people are wondering what to do about trick-or-treating.

The CDC ranks traditional door-to-door trick or treating as “higher risk.” One-way trick or treating is considered a moderate risk and can be accomplished by leaving candy outside, thereby eliminating the need for interaction with children and parents. An easy and fun to make option is the pumpkin candy dispenser, which allows for no-contact trick or treating or can be used as a party bowl for family get togethers.

Creating A Pumpkin Candy Dispenser for Halloween

Creating a pumpkin candy bowl can be a quick, functional project or your creativity can kick into high gear. Here are the materials needed and the instructions.

DIY Pumpkin Candy Dish

  • One large pumpkin (May substitute plastic or foam pumpkin)
  • Bowl or container that will fit inside pumpkin
  • Carving utensil (or box cutter for plastic pumpkin)
  • Large spoon to scoop out pulp
  • Décor, if desired, such as lace edging, craft paint, googly eyes

Make sure the pumpkin’s girth is wide enough to accommodate the chosen inner container. Cut the top off about ½ way down. Alternately, cut a large hole in the side of the pumpkin like a candy dispenser or in the shape of a large mouth.

Scoop out the pulp and seeds, removing as much as possible for a clean, dry surface. Insert bowl or container. Fabric can be used as a liner if a container is not handy. Decorate, if desired. Fill with wrapped candy.

For a no-contact trick or treating candy dispenser, fill the container with small treat bags filled with candy and a sign nearby to “Take One.” That way, kids won’t be tempted to rummage through the bowl, picking out their favorites and touching all the pieces. Refill as needed.

Happy Halloween!

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Fun Social Distancing Halloween Ideas

Here are Etsy’s Spookiest Halloween Trends for All Your Socially Distant Celebrations

Tamara Kraus

Let us repeat: Halloween is not canceled this year. While in-person parties maybe out, socially distant trick-or-treating, watching 31 Days of Halloween, and eating all the candy safely from the comfort of your couch are fair game. And don’t forget the Halloween decor — we just might even be taking that to the next level this year because we need all the fun in our lives right now.

Not sure where to start when it comes to pandemic-friendly Halloween decor, costumes, and more? Obviously, Etsy to the rescue. Etsy just dropped their top 2020 Halloween items, and it’s loaded with hauntingly cute decor, kids costumes, and pumpkin-decorating accessories.

And since this year is far from normal, the list of ghoulish goodies reflects the changes we’re seeing this year. For example, can we interest you in a hauntingly cute hand-sanitizing sign to display in front of your self-serve candy bowl outside your porch? Or how about a custom invite for your neighborhood’s drive-by trick-or-treat parade? Obviously, we want them all.

Ahead, check out the best goodies from Etsy to help you kick off your Halloween festivities for this already-haunting year.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

Boo-tiful Doormat

There’s no easier swap than changing out your front doormat for a hauntingly cute Halloween touch.

Germ-Free Zone

What says “pandemic Halloween” more than this sign? It manages to make our most-frequented 2020 activity kinda fun? Instead of setting up one bowl of candy outside your house, set up a few, along with this printout, to remind kids to clean their hands before grabbing their favorite candy.

Pumpkin Decor

Hate pumpkin carving? Opt for this mess-free sticker instead for a one-and-done solution. Plus, the customization makes you look like you put in a ton of effort when you actually didn’t. You can choose any quote, so let your imagination run wild — if you dare.

Bloody Good Sign

To keep everyone safe this year, it never hurts to add a reminder for trick-or-treaters to keep their distance when approaching your self-serve candy station on your doorstep. You can choose a digital download or have a printed sign sent to you.

Drive-By Trick-or-Treating

Instead of going door-to-door this year, why not corral the neighbors for a fun drive-by parade to keep everyone safe while still getting to celebrate? Now, you can easily spread the word — without spreading germs — with these custom invites.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Frighteningly Fun Ideas for a Haunted Halloween Front Door

Step up your outdoor Halloween decorations this year. With creepy-crawly spiders and classic carved jack-o'-lanterns, these scary Halloween decorations will give your home spooky seasonal curb appeal.

Make sure all the kids know to stop by your house this year with Halloween front door decorations that will send shivers up their spines. Decked out in spooky spider webs and carved pumpkins, this home totally wins the neighborhood decorating competition. See how we crafted creepy Halloween decorations with a mix of handmade and store-bought holiday elements, below. Recreate this exact look or use the Halloween porch as inspiration for your custom spooky decor.

Now, Spook It Up With Paint

Give your lemonade stand a magical makeover. Mix glitter additive with purple paint and coat two wooden crates (Images 1, 2 and 3). Set the crates aside to dry and repeat the process using black paint and glitter on two additional crates (Image 4). While the crates dry, use the black glitter paint to coat a 3-foot 1x12 board and two 4-foot pieces of 1/2-inch dowel rod, and allow to dry (Image 5).

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

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