Echeveria 'Lilac Dream'

Echeveria 'Lilac Dream'


Echeveria 'Lilac Dream'

Echeveria 'Lilac Dream' is an attractive succulent that forms symmetrical rosettes of fleshy, spoon-shaped, grey-green to blue-green leaves…

B. Selecting Containers

The first tips to do is choosing the way on how to grow echeveria plant. You need to know that if you use the container for growing up the echeveria, it will grow as large as the container fits.

So, choose the size of the container that fit the size of the roots. The bigger container tends to have more soil so that the moisture of the soil will cause the risk to the roots.

Quick Care Guide

Some plants are grey-green in color, others touched with pink. Source: jameshannan
Common Name(s)Echeveria Lola, Lola Succulent, Mexican
Hens and Chicks
Scientific NameEcheveria ‘Lola’
Height & Spread3-6″ tall, 6″ wide
LightFull sun to partial shade
Water“Soak and dry” method
Pests & DiseasesMealybugs, root rot