How to determine the gender of a rabbit for a novice breeder

 How to determine the gender of a rabbit for a novice breeder

How to determine the gender of a rabbit? This is the main question for novice rabbit breeders. Indeed, for the reproduction of animals and their correct maintenance, a certain set of knowledge is needed. Before buying an animal, it is important to determine its gender. Or maybe even give a nickname.

How to determine the gender of a rabbit when buying

It is better to watch the sex of the rabbit no earlier than a month

When buying a bunny, you should not rely too much on the knowledge of a pet shop consultant. Often, many of them do not know how to do it correctly. Two months of age is considered optimal for acquisition. It is during this period that the rabbits are deposited from the female. If you are not yet confident in your knowledge, take an experienced breeder or veterinarian with you who knows how to determine the gender of a rabbit, how to care for rabbits, and will teach you. But if you don't have such a friend, read our tips.

It is better to look at the sex of the rabbit no earlier than a month. Until this time, there is no point in disturbing the kids, since only an experienced rabbit breeder can tell the sex of a rabbit at that age. It is important, during jigging of the rabbits from the female, to place the babies in the cages according to their sex characteristics. Otherwise, when fighting for females, males can damage each other's genitals, inflict severe wounds, than create additional problems in care.

Video about sex determination in rabbits

  • Rabbit genitals

Would you like to know how to tell a rabbit from a rabbit? In a sexually mature male, the testicles are clearly visible, which are located near the penis in the form of small swellings. If it is the testicles that immediately catch your eye, you can skip the rest of the signs. This is a typical male.

When purchasing a rabbit, carefully examine its genitals, there should be a pair of testicles. Otherwise, the animal has an abnormality or injury. An interesting feature of males is that when they are afraid, they instinctively pull the testicles inward. And when examining the genitals of rabbits, at first glance it may seem that there is one penis. Basically, up to three months, in male rabbits, the testicles can be inside and therefore it is so difficult to see them visually. But, after some time, the testicles fall into place, and distinguishing a rabbit from a rabbit is as easy as shelling pears.

  • How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit without examining the genitals

Experienced rabbit breeders will visually distinguish an adult male from a female by external signs. Males have a large massive head. Their body is more muscular. But still, the control is a genital check.

Experienced rabbit breeders will visually distinguish an adult male from a female by external signs

How to examine the genitalia of rabbits

Method 1. Before proceeding with the determination of the sex of the rabbit, you need to wear hard gloves and an apron. In rabbits, the hind legs are strong and strong, and with a careless sudden movement, he can injure you.

  1. The rabbit must be placed on a horizontal surface and taken by the withers. You need to hold tight so as not to let the animal out of your hands.
  2. Next, we raise the rabbit and try to quickly seat it on the tail. The animal should be belly up, in a reclining position. The rabbit's feet are also directed upwards. This position is the safest for humans and convenient for the animal.
  3. In this case, with your right hand you need to hold the rabbit by the withers, and with your left hand gently stretch the skin on the animal's crotch. With the index and thumb, gently press around the rabbit's penis.
  4. It is important to position your index finger correctly. It should be located between the anus and the genitals. The fingers should be facing each other. It is this position that will allow you to correctly determine the sex of the rabbit.

In females, the genital slit is located very close to the anus. In males, a small round opening is located much farther from the anal than in females.

Before proceeding with determining the sex of a rabbit, you need to wear tight gloves and an apron.

Method 2. You can use this method to determine gender. The rabbit must be held by the skin in the area of ​​the hind legs and raised. In this case, the front legs rest on the surface, and the hind legs hang freely. With your free hand, press with your fingers on the area between the anus and the rabbit's genitals.

In females, you will see a small pink cone-shaped genital slit. In males, the penis is pink, and in very young ones it is white.

How to determine the sex of a rabbit under the age of one month

It so happens that you just need to determine the sex of a little rabbit: a rabbit, a boy or a girl. This is especially true for the choice of decorative species. The method of determination is slightly different from the method for adults. It is impossible to establish with certainty, since the procedure is rather complicated. At first glance, the genitals of babies are practically the same.

For more accurate work, you can arm yourself with a magnifying glass. Press with your fingers in the same way as in the case of adult animals. Females show almost nothing. In males, a small tubercle protrudes, in the center of which there is a hole.

Video about sex determination in rabbits

It can also be determined by the distance from the anus to the organ of the rabbit. Females have a very short span. Males, on the other hand, have a distance of more than two millimeters. In this way, you can determine the sex of the rabbits at the age of two to four weeks.

When you are engaged in rabbit breeding, you need to combine knowledge with the pleasure of breeding animals. Only under this condition will rabbit breeding become a joy. Theoretically, you know how to tell a rabbit from a rabbit. But the main thing is practice!