You play songs and animal noises

You play songs and animal noises


Man during his long evolutionary path has perfected not only language, that is to say a series of sounds to each of which has been given a precise meaning but also expressions, ways of dressing, attitudes, signals, etc. that is to say a series of actions to communicate with one's fellow men and others. Even other animals in the course of their evolution have adopted the same strategies (most of which unfortunately still incomprehensible to humans) to communicate with each other and between animals of different species. emitted by the vocal apparatus; we have the sounds that can also be the noises that an animal can make using various parts of the body, think for example of a gorilla beating its chest with its fists or a rattlesnake making the characteristic sound with its tail.

In this column we intend to report the sounds and verses that are created by the different animals.

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