And the fox was treated

And the fox was treated

Fishing tales

After a long snowfall, a thaw set in, followed by severe frosts. However, how can these winter troubles stop a true fisherman ?! That is why, despite the terrible cold, my constant partner Alexander Rykov and I went fishing. The snow crust, which had slightly thawed in the thaw, was now so frozen in frost that it did not sink underfoot at all.

Despite the early morning, we were not the first on the lake ... A dozen and a half anglers were already conjuring over the holes. Moreover, all anglers, without exception. Since the active nibbling of this little thing did not stop, Rykov and I stopped fishing altogether for some time.

- Look to the left, Sasha, - said my partner quietly, looking towards the shore.

I turned and saw ... a fox. She stood a little further away and, without looking up, looked at us. Patrikeevna looked somehow unusual. Either from illness, or from hunger, but she was very thin and shabby. And the dull, pitiful look further strengthened this impression.

- Probably, the frost has tightly bound the ground, and the fox cannot mouse, - suggested the elderly man, who was closest to the animal. - So, we need to feed her, - said the guy in the sheepskin coat and threw a few fish in the direction of the fox.

Patrikeevna, apparently, did not understand his good intentions, and therefore shied away. And then she stopped. She clearly saw the livelihood, but her natural fear of man kept her from temptation. However, it is not for nothing that the popular wisdom says: "Hunger is not an aunt, she will not give a pie." Therefore, overcoming fear, the fox very carefully began to approach the fish thrown to her. He will take a few steps, stop, look around, and only then move on.

Finally, after a long pause, finding herself five meters from the nearest fisherman, she made up her mind: she grabbed a perch with her teeth and, running back a few meters, eagerly swallowed it. Probably, realizing that nothing threatened her, the guest became noticeably bolder and began to pick up fishing gifts. And this is a joy to the fishermen: they threw and threw the caught trifle. After all, not to carry home such a worthless catch, and throwing it away is also a pity. But feeding a hungry unfortunate animal means doing a good deed.

The fox, meanwhile, picked up most of the treat, and grabbed the remaining fish in the teeth and slowly trotted towards the shore.

- Well done Patrikeevna, - one of the fishermen joked: - Not only did I eat, but I also took the stock with me.

And the fishermen smiled, looking after the fleeing fox.

Alexander Nosov


When there is no agreement in the comrades,
Their business will not go well,

And nothing will come out of him, only flour.

Once a Swan, Cancer and Pike
They took a cart with their luggage,
And together the three all harnessed to him
They climb out of their skin, but the cart is still not moving!
The luggage would seem easy for them:
Yes the Swan is bursting into the clouds,
Cancer moves back, and Pike pulls into the water.

Who is to blame, who is right, is not for us to judge
Yes, only things are still there.

"I've been poking around on the ground since I was 11"

Vladimir says that he was almost born at his parents' dacha. He spent all his childhood on it and saw how parents worked in the garden and vegetable garden. And mainly the father was engaged in plants.

- When I was 11, my father passed away, and no one had the chance to take up the dacha. So when I was 11, I started poking around on the ground. Then he became a student - he studied at the Faculty of Radiophysics and Electronics at BSU. Gradually, the number of plants in the country began to increase. There was a desire to make a garden, and then I was carried away by roses. I had about 200 varieties on five hundred square meters.

At some point, there was no longer enough space on five hundred square meters. Then Vladimir bought a plot, and then there were two of them, because the first one also ended quickly.

- I don't have such a perfect garden. I don’t pull out every blade of grass, I don’t stand with a hoe, there’s no point in that - the plants live their own lives. I pick the grass here twice at the beginning of the season. Sometimes you have to pull out the weed if a particularly vicious one comes out. I tie up the plants, some of them I cover for the winter. And from the daily work is watering plants in pots. The second section is still in the process of being created, so I do something there every day.

All work in the garden and in caring for pets takes Vladimir an hour and a half a day. For a man, this is the same time that he could devote to sports.

- When you work in an office and sit every day, you need physical activity. You could run along the path near the TV, or you could walk outside, chop wood, or do something else.

Vladimir likes to travel, and during his departure his relatives look after the pets and plants. But for a long period he leaves only in winter, in summer - no more than five days.

- When I am away, no one will inspect the plants for me. Therefore, we must accept that when you return, something will be wrong.

The inability to go somewhere for a long time is perhaps the only negative. But thanks to his hobby, Vladimir made many friends.

- My hobby has given me a lot of friends. These are doctors, accountants and people of other professions - in ordinary life we ​​would not just meet with them. On the other hand, thanks to my friends, I got a lot of new plants. And so - we communicate, we go to visit each other. And my colleagues also like to visit me.


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    Mole in the garden. How to get rid of a pest?

    The mole is a carnivore and the most unloved animal for gardeners. His food is earthworms, so necessary and useful for the fertility of garden beds. Show in full. True, besides this, the mole will be able to free the garden from the bear, fly larvae, the May beetle and click beetles, from slugs and caterpillars of the scoop, mice and even rats.

    A small mammal is not at all interested in roots or tomato bushes. However, hunting for his prey, he breaks through so many underground tunnels that whole pieces of beds with onions or carrots can fall through them.

    Piles of land dug by the animal regularly appear in the most unexpected place for a gardener. And a recently planted young tree, whose roots will be undermined, begins to dry, leading the gardener to despair. So, how to get rid of moles in the area: the most effective way.

    1. What is the peculiarity of moles?

    2. The reasons for the appearance of moles.

    3. What harm do moles do to the garden?

    4. Determination of the presence of moles on the site.

    5. Mole repellent plants.

    6. Electronic mole scarers.

    7. Use of pets.

    8. How to catch a mole with a shovel?

    9. Scare away moles with smells.

    10. Folk remedies for moles.

    11. How to make a mole repeller yourself?

    12. Preventive measures against moles on the site.

    13. Related video: How to permanently get rid of moles in 1 day. The best ways to deal with moles!

    Happy 1st May! Happy spring and labor day!

    On May 1, many countries around the world celebrate an international holiday - Labor Day (Spring and Labor Day), which was originally called the Day of International Workers' Solidarity. Show in full.

    On May 1, 1886, American workers staged a strike in Chicago, demanding an 8-hour workday. The strike and accompanying demonstration ended in a bloody clash with police.

    In July 1889, the Paris Congress of the Second International, in memory of the workers' demonstration, decided to hold annual demonstrations on May 1. For the first time, the Day of International Workers' Solidarity was celebrated in 1890 in Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, USA, Norway, France, Sweden and some other countries.

    For a long time, May Day was a symbol of revolution, irreconcilable class struggle, had "political overtones" and was marked by demonstrations decorated with portraits of politicians, leaders of production, slogans, appeals, posters and diagrams about achievements in a particular branch of the national economy, science, culture. But gradually this context was lost.

    Today the holiday is celebrated in 142 countries and territories of the world on May 1 or the first Monday in May. For a number of countries, the tradition of gathering people under the banner of trade unions is still preserved, but in most countries it is still not a political holiday, namely Labor Day, a bright spring holiday when folk festivals, performances by artists, fairs, peaceful processions and many entertainment events are organized. And for some, it's just another day off, during which you can relax or spend time with your family.

    By the way, in some countries Labor Day is celebrated at a different time - these include, for example, the United States and Japan. More than 80 states (including India) do not celebrate Labor Day.

    Crafts from bottles for a garden or vegetable garden (+ photo)

    As a rule, various crafts are made, the material for which are plastic bottles, for garden plots or vegetable gardens. After all, every summer resident wants to equip his site in such a way as to create comfort and coziness on it, and making crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands is not so difficult, it is more correct to say quite simply. Yes, and materials for products do not require large cash costs, everyone has it always at hand.

    Products from bottles do not require the use of any special tools, and skills are also not required to create something unusual from such material.

    By painting the bottoms of plastic bottles in different colors, you can get an ever-blooming flower bed.

    Tired of spending money on clay pots that are constantly beating - original hanging plastic pots will be a real salvation for prudent owners

    Even at first glance, a boring branch can become a real decoration for your garden.

    A bit of ingenuity and an ordinary plastic bottle turns into a wonderful bird feeder

    An outdoor game "Sly Fox"

    Chulpan Yamalieva
    An outdoor game "Sly Fox"

    -To learn to follow the rules of the game.

    -Continue teaching children to organize their own acquaintances outdoor gamesshowing initiative and creativity.

    - Develop speed, endurance.

    -Improve the motor skills and abilities of children.

    -To cultivate endurance and patience.

    Materials and equipment: Picture of a fox.

    Before the start of the game, ask the children a riddle about the fox, show the picture with the fox, remind the children that fox lives in the forest, this is very cunning and dexterous animal

    Organizing and Gathering Children 1. Gather all the children and make a riddle, then show a picture of a fox.

    Highly sly (fox)

    - That's right, this a fox! Look, red fox, fluffy and very pretty. What else can you say about the fox, what is she like? (sly, dexterous, fast).

    - Where does he live a fox? What is the name of her house?

    -Right! Today we are with you let's play a new outdoor game, which is called «Sly Fox».

    Now you will all stand in a circle, do not get very close to each other, at my signal, close your eyes, and I will go around the circle and choose the driver - «sly fox»Whoever I touch will be the driver - sly fox, only he shouldn't tell anyone about it.At my signal, everyone will open their eyes and ask: «Sly Fox, where are you?" 3 times you have to ask the fox about it. After the third time, the driver - sly Fox, runs out into the middle of the circle,raises his hand up and says: "I'm here!"... Everyone else should scatter around the site, and the fox will catch youtouch with your hand.

    - Who will be caught a fox, he will take him to his house, into a hole. A fox hole, at the other end of the platform, where the hoop lies.

    As soon as you hear my words: "In a circle", you must stand in a circle.

    Securing the Rules - How should you stand up at the start of the game?

    How many times do you have to ask: «Sly Fox, where are you?

    - How the fox has to catch the children?

    - After what words the fox should run out?

    - What words should you use in a circle?

    Leading the Game 1. After a fox will catch 2-3 children and take them to his house, the game stops, the children stand in a circle again.

    2. Repeat the game 4-5 times.

    3. After each repetition, a new one is selected. a fox.

    4.Indication: listen carefully to the signals, the fox does not give himself out ahead of time.

    5. If a fox betrayed herself in some way, appoints another fox.

    Summing up summary All guys are good were playing, were dexterous, fast, attentive, well done! But most sly fox were (names of children, the most dexterous were (children's names).

    Mobile game "Flower squares" Everyone loves to play, but it is doubly interesting if you come up with your own game. You can enter your own rules, select the necessary attributes. Movable.

    An active game "Hunters and Geese" A game is a conscious, active activity of a child, characterized by accurate and timely completion of tasks related to compulsory tasks.

    Methodical development. Outdoor game "Winter" Outdoor game "Winter". Option 1. All children of the group take part in the game. The players are scattered around the hall. In the hands of the instructor.

    Outdoor game "Bus" Outdoor game "Bus" Outdoor games are an indispensable tool for the development of children's movements, their sensory, cognitive.

    An outdoor game for children 2.5–5 years old "Repeat" I would like to present you a game that came to mind with the children. At first, we started playing one game with colored hoops, but then.

    Outdoor play and its significance The Federal State Educational Standard (adopted in 2013) defines play as the leading activity of a preschool child.

    Outdoor game "Team 01" Children are divided into two teams, each takes any name and chooses a captain. 1 competition Opposite each team on the tables are.

    An outdoor game "Rescuers" Purpose: - to educate children in the ability to come to each other's aid in a timely manner - to educate moral and volitional qualities. Course of the game: Educator.

    Protocol of observation of an outdoor game "Sly fox" Protocol of observation of an outdoor game Game "Sly fox" Age: senior preschool (5-6 years) Purpose of the game: to develop in children endurance, observation ,.

    Drawing "Our favorite outdoor game" Purpose: To form the ability to select interesting content from personal experience for drawing, to embody what was conceived. Consolidate the techniques of creating an image.

    The story of a rescued fox raised by dogs

    Surely each of us has such a friend who simply adores animals.And if the size of the housing allowed to accommodate all the unfortunate animals in this world, then this person would definitely shelter them all. Jamie Holdway from the UK must be that kind of person. In addition to the fact that Jamie has four dogs, a fox now lives in her house. And it all started like this. A little less than a year ago, Jemmy's father found the newborn foxes left by their mother and brought the babies home. They alone were doomed to death by starvation. The compassionate man decided to shelter the cubs at home until they get stronger.

    The kids grew up a little, and the Holdway family handed them over to the reliable hands of veterinarians at a local animal shelter. But one baby during this time became so attached to the heroine of this story that both of them could no longer imagine life without each other. Jemmy named the chanterelle Vixie and decided to see what would happen if the wild animal was left to grow with her Labrador and Jack Russells.

    Lisa Vixie turned out to be a sociable young lady and quickly established contact with the canine half of this house. She even began to do everything like a dog. She also liked the food that dogs eat. Even natural meat became a toy for her rather than a prey.

    The very mistress of this unusual "menagerie" says that the dogs did not immediately accept the fox into their flock. They looked at her for a long time, trying to understand what kind of creature was in front of them. But now they are friends!

    Vixie's favorite resting places are somewhat similar to the mink that she would have in the wild. The ginger cheat loves to crawl under the sofa, but will not refuse to sleep on the bed.

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