The best varieties of pink tomatoes for the garden and greenhouse

The best varieties of pink tomatoes for the garden and greenhouse

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Every gardener will tell you how pink tomatoes differ from our usual red ones: larger in size, thinner skin and delicious pulp taste. Pink tomatoes are the tomato elite, and like any other elite, they place high demands on conditions of maintenance and care.
However, a large selection of varieties and hybrids of this variety of tomatoes can satisfy the needs of any gardener, even a beginner. The varieties are divided into garden varieties and those that grow in greenhouses.

Varieties of pink tomatoes for the garden

Actually, this is a conditional division, since many varieties grow well both in greenhouses and in garden beds. But:

all varieties that are created for the garden can also be planted under the film, but not all greenhouse varieties can develop and bear fruit normally in the open field.

Pink honey - cold-resistant mid-season and infection-resistant tomato of determinant or semi-determinant type, grown both in greenhouses and in the garden. The height of the bush can reach 1.5 m. It is better to form it in two lashes. From the moment of germination to ripening of the fruits, it takes about 115 days. Each plant is capable of producing up to 6 kg of bright, almost raspberry fruits weighing up to 800 g with fleshy, tender, sugary pulp, divided into four chambers. In humid weather, the skins on tomatoes may crack. This variety is grown for salads and processing.

In the photo: Variety Pink honey

Pink flamingo - mid-early, infection-resistant, indeterminate variety, reaching a height of more than a meter. This tomato is suitable for growing both in greenhouses and garden beds. Form a plant in 1-2 lashes. Ripe fruits begin to appear on the bushes about 115 days after germination. Up to 8 kg of plum fruits weighing up to 500 g with fragrant, juicy, sugary pulp, divided into 4-6 chambers, are harvested from one plant per season. Pink flamingo is a versatile variety.

In the photo: Variety Pink Flamingo

The Scarlet Flower - an indeterminate variety of medium early ripening, rarely affected by diseases of nightshade crops. Suitable for both vegetable gardens and greenhouses. The height of the bush is from 70 to 150 cm, it is formed in 2-3 lashes. Tomatoes weighing 200-600 g with low-seeded sweetish and tight pulp resemble a truncated heart in shape. The purpose of the fruit is universal.

In the photo: Variety Scarlet Flower

Pink cheeks - a universal determinant variety that forms up to six elongated fruits weighing up to 300 g on one cluster.

In the photo: Variety Pink cheeks

Andromeda pink - early maturing, productive determinant hybrid, resistant to heat and disease. Its fruits are slightly ribbed, dense, flat-round and small - weighing up to 90 g.

In the photo: Variety Andromeda pink

In addition to the varieties described, pink De Barao pink tomatoes, Alsou, Biyskaya rose, Mikado pink, Abakan pink, Grushovka, Japanese crab and many others grow well in the open field.

Varieties of pink tomatoes for protected ground

Fig pink - medium early, decorative, resistant to infections indeterminate variety, which can be grown in areas with a warm climate in the open field. The stem reaches 3 m in height, so the bush requires a garter. Form a plant in 1-2 stems. Each bush yields up to seven kilograms of pear-shaped, ribbed fruits weighing 200-600 g per plant per season. The pulp in multi-chamber fruits is light raspberry, sweet, with a honey-fruity aftertaste. The purpose of the fruit is universal.

In the photo: Variety Fig pink

Mexico City - a productive mid-season indeterminate variety up to two meters high. The bush is formed into 1-2 stems. Irregularly shaped flat-round fruits weighing 400-800 g ripen in 100-110 days. Their pulp is fragrant, fleshy, sweet, with a slightly noticeable sourness.

Photo: Variety Mexico City

Cow heart - mid-season, highly branched, productive indeterminate variety, resistant to drought, pests and diseases. The bush grows up to 2 m in height, it is usually formed in 1-2 lashes. The average weight of ribbed multi-chambered heart-shaped fruits is 300 g, but sometimes a kilogram tomato can also be removed. The pulp of the fruit is tender, sweetish, fragrant. The purpose is universal.

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes - Proven Tips

In the photo: Volovye Heart variety

Sugar bison - mid-early, resistant to disease, drought and other weather disasters, indeterminate productive variety, reaching a height of 180 cm.A season from a bush gives several buckets of ribbed, rounded, red-pink tomatoes weighing up to 350 g. The pulp of this variety's tomatoes is fragrant, sweetish , juicy. The purpose of the fruits is universal.

In the photo: Variety Sugar Bison

Japanese crab - a disease-resistant mid-season indeterminate variety up to 2 m high. Up to 7 kg of pincer-shaped ribbed fruits with juicy, fleshy, sweet flesh with barely noticeable sourness can be removed from each bush. Each tomato has a small greenish speck around the stalk. In a greenhouse, bushes of this variety can bear fruit until the very frost. Japanese crab is also grown in the open air.

In the photo: Variety Japanese crab

Greenhouses often grow varieties of pink tomatoes Wonder of the Earth, Oxheart, Pink Spam, Tsunami, Cardinal, Early Love and Pinkheart.

And what is the determinant and indeterminate type of tomatoes, you will learn from the following video:


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Pink tomato | Description and characteristics of the 35 best varieties | Photos + Reviews

According to reviews, pink tomatoes are the favorites of many vegetable growers. They collect fruits with a very delicate taste, a high content of biologically active components and natural sugars.

Some varieties contain few acids, so they are allowed to be eaten by people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The best varieties of tomatoes

When choosing varieties suitable for planting, we were guided by experience and knowledge gained, and also took into account all the recommendations of the breeders. According to experts, seeds for sowing must meet the following criteria:

  • be unassuming in grooming
  • resistant to bacteria, as well as severe frost and drought
  • give a rich harvest
  • have great taste
  • ripen quickly.

When choosing varieties of tomatoes, you should also take into account the type of soil for planting, climate features. This is of great importance when harvesting.

Tomatoes are the best and new varieties for open ground undersized

These tomatoes are united by early maturity, limited growth. All of these varieties can be grown in the risky farming area. And this is a large part of our country - the Urals, Siberia, and the North-West region. These varieties will have time to give their harvest for our short and not always warm summer!


An early determinant variety up to 50 cm tall. The classic taste of fruits in the size of 100 grams.

Tomato variety Watercolor

Tomato Vitas

Mossy plants for open ground. You do not need to step-son, but it is advisable to tie it to the pegs. Very productive - without a garter, the bushes fall apart on the ground. The height of the bush is 60-80 cm, the fruits are red, sweet, fleshy, the first tomatoes are large, individual fruits grow up to 450 grams.

Photo of tomato bushes Vittas Tomato Vitas


Early ripe with fruits weighing up to 120 gr. Delicious pink tomatoes.

Tomato variety Supermodel

El Dorado

Early ripe with fruits up to 250 grams. Very sweet taste.

Tomato variety Eldorado


Early ripe variety with tasty, sweet fruits weighing up to 200 grams. Unpretentious.

Tomato variety Skorospelka

Golden stream

Early variety with fruits 100 gr. Very productive and unpretentious.

Tomato variety Golden stream


Medium early variety with large, red fruits. A very productive variety.

Tomato variety Vityaz

Golden autumn

A wonderful new variety up to 70 cm tall. The fruits are bright orange and tasty. A very productive variety.

Tomato variety Golden autumn

Tomato Rapunzel - variety description with photo

The new tomato of 2015, Rapunzel was named after a girl from a fairy tale.
A striking feature of the hybrid is long clusters with many fruits (Rapunzel braids). Each brush carries up to 40 cherry tomatoes - bright red cherries. Indeterminate variety - perfect for growing on a balcony, in containers. Ripens in 75 days.

Tomato variety Rapunzel Tomato Brush Rapunzel

Mazarin variety

A productive, early, determinant variety. The plant is slightly leafy, powerful up to 1.2 meters high. 5-6 fruits grow on the hand. They are dense, red, fleshy, weighing up to 200 grams, the first fruits can be 800 grams each. The tomato is beautiful and tasty, good in salads. Differs in uniformity of fruits and resistance to diseases.

Tomato variety Mazarin

Triumph variety

For planting outdoors, for whole canning and eating fresh. Early variety - ripening on day 100. Determinant. Pink fruits weighing 70 grams. Drought tolerant.

Tomato variety Triumph

Variety Puzata Hata

The variety is early, indeterminate, productive for greenhouses and open ground up to 1.5 m high. Tomatoes are large red, pear-shaped, very tasty fleshy sugar. Suitable for salads and canning. The crop can be harvested up to 11 kg per meter of planting.

Tomato variety Puzata khata

Pink honey variety

The variety is fruitful, medium early, determinant. Of pink large tomatoes, ripens first. The taste of tomatoes is juicy, sweet, fleshy. Tomatoes are more likely to be used for salad purposes. In the greenhouse it grows up to one and a half meters, in the ground up to a meter.

Tomato variety Pink honey

Labrador variety

Mid-season popular variety. Sprawling bush 80cm tall. Classic rich taste, fruits weighing 150 gr. Variety for planting in greenhouses and open ground.

Tomato variety Labrador

Variety Visibly-Invisibly

The variety is early maturing low. Fruits up to 300 grams are pink, rounded. For greenhouses and open ground.

Tomato variety Visibly-invisibly

Tomato variety Zhigalo

A multi-fruited mid-season tomato 45 cm high. Fruits 15 cm long, red, ripen together. For planting outdoors. Good for whole canning. Practically sick with nothing.

Tomato variety Zhigalo

High color

The variety is mid-season, determinant. Fruits of good taste weighing up to 70 grams.

High Color 312 F1

Maroussia tomato variety

Medium early grade up to a meter in height. Universal purpose, sweetish taste, for open field planting.

Tomato variety Marusya

Salting miracle

The variety is early maturing for open ground. Disease resistant, high keeping quality, recommended for salting. Bush up to fifty cm high with fruits 100g. Does not suffer from late blight.

Tomato variety Pickling miracle

Samson tomatoes

The variety is determinant, mid-season for open ground. Red fruits weighing 90 grams. Good for canning.

Samson tomato variety

Tomato varieties resistant to late blight

Tomato Katyusha F1

Ultra early, matures in 85 days. Bright red fruits weighing 120g. Plant up to 70 cm tall. The hybrid is resistant to most diseases and late blight.

Tomato variety Katyusha

Raspberry miracle

A wonderful variety - large-fruited, mid-ripening, versatile - suitable for growing in greenhouses and soil. Grows up to two meters. Very tasty pink fruits on average 500 gr., The first up to a kilogram. Resistant to late blight.

Tomato variety Raspberry miracle


The variety, even under unfavorable conditions, gives a good yield of large and tasty fruits. Medium early up to one and a half meters high variety with large (500g) tasty fruits. High resistance to various diseases and late blight.

Tomato variety Budenovka

The best varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse

Many varieties are described in the article Tomato varieties for greenhouses. I would like to tell you more about other popular varieties.

Tomatoes Count Orlov

There is a wonderful old variety with large yellow sweet fruits that can grow up to a kilogram. Tall variety for greenhouses and open ground. The variety is consistently productive - the fruits are tasty, fleshy.

Tomato Count Orlov

And there is a tomato Graf Orlov. Indeterminate variety up to 1.8 in height. Fruits up to 200 grams, red, tasty, aromatic. The plant grows up to 10 clusters of 5-7 fruits each. Resistant to viral diseases.

Tomato Count of Eagles


The variety is mid-season with a height of 180 cm. High productivity. Red elongated fruits 15 cm are excellent for salting - they do not crack, they are dense.

Tomato variety Auria

Date red

Small red tomatoes weighing 20 grams. Sweet, delicious. Medium late grade. There are few leaves, 6-8 fruits in a bunch.

Tomato variety Red date

Bottlenose dolphin

A mid-season, indeterminate greenhouse hybrid suitable for canning and preparing salads.

Tomato variety bottlenose


An early variety with a height of about 150 cm. Sweetish, large, pink. Differs in long-term fruiting.

Tomato variety Batianya

Blagovest variety

Domestic determinant early greenhouse variety up to one and a half meters. Red fruits up to 120 grams, universal purpose - you can salt, make salads. Disease resistant. Popular variety.

Tomato variety Blagovest

Variety Babushkin's secret

The indeterminate large-fruited variety grows up to two meters. Mid-season variety with very large fruits weighing up to one kg. Excellent, slightly sweet taste.

Tomato variety Babushkin's secret

Koenigsberg - reviews, photos

Amateur variety of Siberian selection. Every gardener must definitely try to grow this variety - thanks to such varieties, you understand that it is not in vain that you are trying to grow something in the extreme conditions of the Urals, Siberia and the north. Mid-season, indeterminate variety up to 2 meters high. Elongated fruits grow up to 300 grams. Yields good yields, tasty fruits, well stored, suitable for harvesting. Can be planted outdoors.

Review of the tomato "Königsberg":

Tomato variety Konigsberg red Tomato variety Konigsberg golden

Kumato - tomato variety

Tomatoes are very sweet and delicious. Unusual dark brown color, well stored. Fruits can be from 80 to 120 grams. Various shapes - oval, round, plum.

Tomato variety Kumato

Black bunch

An early ripe hybrid ripens in 75 days. Small fruits of plum taste and aroma weighing 35 - 70 grams. They look like black currants.

Tomato variety Black bunch

It is impossible to describe all varieties of tomatoes. I hope that you have found those that you like and will delight you with the harvest in the summer. There are many more varieties in the article "Cherry Tomatoes - Varieties" and Tomato varieties for greenhouses

Early varieties of pink tomatoes ripening 90 - 100 days

1. June pink - this variety of pink-fruited tomatoes was bred by US breeders. Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by their excellent sweet taste, juiciness, rather large, up to 300 grams in size. The shape of the June pink tomatoes is round, the skin color is pink, with a pearlescent sheen. Bushes are tall, powerful.

2. Pink honey - tomatoes with a medium early ripening period. Fruits are heart-shaped, with a thick, wide base, tapering downward. The weight of individual fruits can exceed 600 - 800 grams, the average weight is up to 500 grams. It features small seed chambers with few seeds. The height of the bushes is up to one and a half meters, differs in a small number of leaves.

3. Dawn Rose - early ripe pink tomato with an interesting, comb-shaped fruit shape. They are fleshy, very sweet, with few seeds. Individual fruits can grow up to 1 kg in weight. The usual weight is 300 grams. Bushes of medium height up to 80 - 90 cm.

4. Arctic - very early small-fruited variety. The color of the fruit is pink, with a raspberry tinge.Fruit weight does not exceed 15 grams. The bushes are low, no more than half a meter in height. Thanks to its numerous clusters with miniature fruits, it has a very decorative appearance. The plant is not afraid of bad weather and soil conditions.

5. Pink honey. The plant is about 80 cm long. Large-fruited tomatoes, weight up to 600 g. The plant is quite resistant to various diseases. Dawn Rose. The variety is tall. Large tomatoes have a rounded shape and small ribs, slightly flat, weighing about 400-600 g.

6. Tsunami. Refers to a mid-early variety. Determinant plant bushes. The fruit is fleshy, crimson in color, weighing about 200 g. Early love. The height of the determinant bush is about 70 cm.The tomatoes are round, slightly flattened, weighing about 300-400 g.

Review of the best varieties of ground tomatoes

There can be no definite answer to the question of which varieties to give preference to, because everyone has different tastes and wishes. It is impossible to tell about all the varieties, because their number is capable of striking in its numbers. However, there are varieties that have become the most popular among gardeners, due to their characteristics. For greater convenience, we will divide them into several groups, in any of which we will list the best of the varieties and describe some of them.

Video — Overview of ground tomato varieties 2018

High-yielding varieties

The yield of one or another type of tomato is one of its most important characteristics, because it is for the sake of obtaining fruits that gardeners make seasonal plantings of these nightshades.

Note: yield is not an excuse to assume that the variety will require more maintenance. Modern selection tomatoes have both yield and unpretentiousness.

The listed high-yielding varieties are considered the most faithful.


It is rightfully considered the favorite of fruitful tomatoes, because from 1 sq. meter of plantings, you can get up to 10 kg of tomatoes. Pink fruits (130 g) are good in salads, pickles and natural form. It reacts steadily to a drop in temperature and the effects of phytophthora.


The variety is undersized, not poor in removing stepchildren. Small (60-80 g) plum tomatoes have a juicy pulp, canned and eaten fresh. Dry summers do not interfere with the formation of ovaries of this variety, as well as the effect of fusarium.

Undemanding to the climate, Siberian variety with a bush height of up to 50 cm. Not too tall is not a hindrance for this nightshade: from 1 sq.m. after 90 days a gardener can get up to 6 kg of tomatoes weighing up to 180 g. The culture endures the attacks of tobacco mosaic.


Bushes of this variety do not live in poverty in the release from stepchildren, but the garter will have to be carried out, since a large number of hundred-gram fruits are formed on one bush. If you follow the rules of caring for "alenka", you will save up to 4 kg of juicy red tomatoes from one bush.

In addition to the varieties described, high-yielding includes "budenovka", "raspberry giant", "puzata khata", "mushroom basket", "asvon", "astrakhansky", "boni-mm", "bonner best", "washington", etc. ...

Super early varieties

Varieties that are capable of recalling a ripe harvest earlier than others are very loved by gardeners. The fact is that due to early ripening, tomatoes can avoid not only infectious diseases, but also the onset of the first cold weather. Among the huge number of super early varieties of tomatoes for open soil, the ones described below are especially popular.

Aston f1

Very early tomatoes (50-65 days) of flat-round shape (180 g) with firm fleshy pulp. The bush of this nightshade grows up to 120 cm and yields from 2 to 4 kg of fruit. The undoubted plus of tomatoes is their strength and shelf life. Tobacco mosaic, verticillosis, fusarium are not terrible for this plant.


The usual ripening period for tomatoes of this variety is 85 days, however, in a suitable climate, this period can come much earlier. On low-growing bushes (40 cm) round small tomatoes (90-100 g) ripen together. The fruits are very tasty, ripen until the autumn frosts.

"Dual Airlie f1"

This is one of the record holders for an early harvest: after a total of only 60 days, you can enjoy dense red fruits weighing 130 g. The hybrid does not need support, since the height of the bush is 60-70 cm, and the tomatoes on it, although numerous, are not heavy. Resistant to disease.

Features of growing pink tomatoes

Most pink tomatoes differ from red ones in their high content of nutrients. Therefore, they require abundant watering and feeding. The soil when growing such tomatoes should be well and evenly moistened. After a drought, in order to avoid excessive dampness, it is not recommended to water the plant abundantly. This can lead to cracking of the fruit, as a result of which they lose their marketable appearance.

When growing, the soil should be evenly moistened, since with a lack of moisture they are affected by rot. Pink tomatoes are more likely than other varieties to suffer from late blight. To prevent its appearance, it is necessary to improve the soil before planting.

In order for the pollen and ovary to form well, the plant should be lightly sprayed with water during flowering. During this period, it is advisable to add top dressing for tomatoes. They use mainly complex fertilizer.

The fruits must receive sufficient sunlight. Fertilizer should be applied at an early stage of fruit development. Then you need to take a break before the formation of the ovary. Tall plants should be tied to a support. You need to plant 2-3 plants per square meter. Do not forget about pinching, loosening and feeding tomatoes.

It should be remembered that the success of growing tomatoes depends not only on the variety, but also on the conditions, as well as on the degree of care. A certain variety can show itself in different ways. When grown correctly, pink tomatoes will delight you with an abundance of crops.